About Frances

Words are my passion. I have always been interested in language and how people communicate. I first went to university to study languages and literature, completing a Bachelor of Arts with honours and then a Master of Arts Degree in English. Later, after having my three daughters, I returned to university to take courses in linguistics, psychology and neuroscience before completing a Master of Speech Language Pathology at the University of Canterbury.

I am a full member of our professional organisation, the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association. I worked in private practice in Canterbury before returning to my home town of Havelock North to launch Vox Speech Language Therapy.

About Vox Speech Language Therapy

Communication is the essence of human interaction. I understand how concerning and frustrating it can be if someone’s ability to speak or make themselves understood is impaired for whatever reason. Vox Speech Language Therapy aims to help both children and adults with their communication difficulties.

Speech language therapy is a health science drawing on the latest research about how the brain processes language, or how the throat or mouth produces sound, and all the things that prevent people communicating effectively.

I am committed to best practice, and believe that people undergoing therapy do best in the comfort of a familiar environment. That means I am fully mobile to visit people in their home, pre-school, school or care facility.

To better determine if I can help you, follow the links below, phone or text 022 610 7755, or email me on voxspeech@gmail.com.

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